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CSklaveniti Teaching
Since 2007, I have been involved in undergraduate and postgraduate teaching and supervision in the Hellenic Management Association, the University of Strathclyde, the Basel School of Business and the University of St Gallen, having taught a broad range of undergraduate and postgraduate subjects, including management, leadership, strategy, business ethics, entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation, organizational behavior and change.
My engagement in teaching comprises not only the delivery of course material but also the overall responsibility of a course. This includes designing the course syllabus, setting teaching priorities and learning objectives, considering the various learning types and including them in the delivery, using the latest educational technologies, exploring various forms of engaging with students and examining assessment methods while at the same time ensuring student satisfaction and engagement in the learning process. I am highly committed to engaging students with their own learning experience and have a didactic approach of developing students’ critical thinking skills and providing them with the opportunity to experience real-life situations.
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